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Personal Training

Each client gets a uniquely personalized program, which includes exercising and raising awareness about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Rather than treating symptoms alone, I use a holistic approach which looks at a person as a whole and seeks to restore optimal health and well-being.

• Core conditioning
• Relieving low back pain
• Enhancing mobility and flexibility for functional movement
• Correcting postural, structural, and muscular imbalances
• Strengthening foot structure and improving gait performance

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• National Academy of Sports Medicine : Certified Personal Trainer
• CHEK | Certified Exercise Coach
• CHEK | Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 1
• Yamuna | Certified Foot Fitness Practitioner
• Yamuna | Certified Body Rolling Practitioner
• SF School of Massage | Certified Massage Practitioner
• California Yoga Company | Certified Hot Yoga Instructor


Before assembling an exercise program, I conduct a comprehensive postural and movement assessment. Using state of the art technology by Fit3D, a body scan, posture analysis, and other qualifying measurements are taken. Exercise program is then based on the client's health, physical capabilities, expectations, and goals. In general, it contains cardiovascular and endurance training, core and muscular strengthening, and exercises to increase flexibility.


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