About me

I am a personal trainer and fitness coach with a passion for bodywork and healthy living.

My focus is working with people with injuries, chronic pain and/or discomforts, and postural issues. My emphasis is on improving posture, strengthening core, and teaching proper recruitment of muscles. This helps correct imbalances, restore proper range of motion, reduce or remove pain, and increase strength and endurance.

I have been active in fitness for the last 30 years and learned the hard way how working out without proper guidance can result in injuries; an injury in my early twenties left me in chronic pain. Over the next twenty years, living a healthy life, receiving skilled bodywork, and adhering to a regular self care fitness program ‘cured’ what ‘modern’ medicine could not. Today, in my fifties, I live an active life without pain. The way I work comes from many years of training combined with my own personal journey from injury, through chronic pain, and into healing.

DIAKADI Personal Training


I train from two locations in San Francisco: DIAKADI and Fitness Urbano. Both gyms are exceptionally clean and feature new, well-maintained equipment. Attentive and courteous staff will ensure that your sessions run smoothly. Lockers, towels, and showers are available. Coffee, tea, and water are also provided.

Fitness Urbano | 80 Missouri St, San Francisco, CA 94107
DIAKADI | 290 Division St, San Francisco, CA 94103


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